Employee Selections: Silver Needle

silver needle harvest

“A Cup of Sophistication.”

Darryl is a marketing specialist and one of the newest members of the Octavia family. Quizzed about his favorite tea, he writes:

Prior to my employment at the Octavia Tea Company, had someone asked me what silver needle was, my first guess would have been tea made from the . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Silver Needle

The History of Chai: Brewing the Chai Latte

A Brief History of Chai

The word chai is the ancient Persian word for tea. Two thousand years ago, the Persian empire consisted of the lands that we refer to as the Middle East: Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. . . . → Read More: The History of Chai: Brewing the Chai Latte

The Octavia Tea Guide: Natural Remedies for Stress and Depression

With the election chaos and the holidays knocking on our doorsteps, many of us need to find a heathy way to deal with stress – here are a few of our favorite teas to help you relax and unwind … . . . → Read More: The Octavia Tea Guide: Natural Remedies for Stress and Depression

Tea for the Chakras

For thousands of years tea has been a staple to many natural and spiritual health practices. Followers of both Buddhism and Hinduism, as well their many variants, have utilized the properties of plants to help heal and energize the metaphysical epicenters of the human body, known as Chakras.

ORIGIN OF TEA: . . . → Read More: Tea for the Chakras

Tea — An Ally in the Fight Against Cancer

Tea has long been touted as having many benefits to our health from detoxing our bodies to promoting increased metabolism. While the history of tea is steeped in age-old tradition spanning every continent and culture. the full potential of the health benefits of tea still remains largely unexplored.

. . . → Read More: Tea — An Ally in the Fight Against Cancer

Rooibos and Anti-Aging Potential

Chocolate Mint Rooibos Scientists in South Africa have found ways in which Rooibos may prevent or at least delay the effects of aging. Their study found that Rooibos protects the main cells in healthy fat tissue from degenerating. Why is this significant? According to the scientists who carried out the study, usually there is a redistribution of fat which naturally occurs as we age, and has been linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Protecting and partly restoring the cells in healthy fat tissue could reverse such age-related diseases. . . . → Read More: Rooibos and Anti-Aging Potential

Rio & Yerba Maté

So, the 2016 Olympic Games are on. How inspiring to see all the athletes and all their hard work come to fruition. What sacrifices they and their families and coaches have made definitely leaves an impression. All the competitors, medalists or not, are inspiring to watch and learn about. In thinking about Brazil, as a tea company, we instantly think of maté. Native to South America, yerba maté comes from the maté plant belonging to the holly family. This is separate from the traditional camellia sinensis plant that most teas belong to. Yerba maté leaves are dried and steeped to create the popular herbal drink. It has a robust yet smooth, earthy flavor and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance energy, improve mood and aid weight-loss. It contains caffeine, but without the acidity and stomach effects that coffee holds. . . . → Read More: Rio & Yerba Maté

Employee Selections: La vie en rose

We polled some members of the Octavia Tea family to see what their favorite teas are. Our hard working staff drinks tea all day long, so they’re sure to have some great opinions!
Shauna drinking tea in garden
has been part of the Octavia Tea family since November:

“My favorite would have to be French Breakfast. It is a very strong, smooth black tea, and I very much enjoy the touch of vanilla and especially the rose petals. What better way to wake up in the morning than with rose petals and imagining I am in a French cafe?! This is my go-to tea, and sometimes I add a little milk and sugar, too. The first time I had it was on a rainy afternoon, and found it to be very comforting. Like chocolate, a cup of this tea has never let me down!” . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: La vie en rose

Tea’s Rise to Power in America

It’s no secret that tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world (#2 only to water, actually.) It is a part of daily life for millions of people. Historically, Americans don’t have the greatest relationship with tea (throwing vast amounts of it into a harbor to prove a point will do that.) However, for one reason or another, the love of tea has started to spread like wildfire throughout the nation.

Maybe it’s the way tea makes us feel. It produces a calm sense of focus over hours as opposed to the fast rush of coffee…. . . . → Read More: Tea’s Rise to Power in America

Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang

“I always panic when someone asks me what my favorite tea is because it changes so frequently! However, I’m currently obsessed with our Lapsang Souchong. I’m very drawn to the smokiness; perhaps due to the memory of smelling my fathers fireman gear growing up. However, this “campfire tea” has a dusty boldness that makes it the perfect afternoon tea. Also, I highly recommend snacking on some cheese… as a general life style choice but particularly while enjoying this tea.” . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang