Darjeeling: Champagne of Teas

We here at Octavia Tea will be toasting the new royal couple with our Darjeeling Reserve. Known as “the champagne of teas,” Darjeeling is a world-famous tea growing region that produces teas with a unique & sought-after flavor. Our Darjeeling Reserve is from the Okayti tea garden – the same garden where Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite tea is from! So you may not get an invite to Buckingham Palace for the royal wedding, but you can at least sip the tea. . . . → Read More: Darjeeling: Champagne of Teas

Employee Selections: Silver Needle

silver needle harvest

“A Cup of Sophistication.”

Darryl is a marketing specialist and one of the newest members of the Octavia family. Quizzed about his favorite tea, he writes:

Prior to my employment at the Octavia Tea Company, had someone asked me what silver needle was, my first guess would have been tea made from the . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Silver Needle

Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang

“I always panic when someone asks me what my favorite tea is because it changes so frequently! However, I’m currently obsessed with our Lapsang Souchong. I’m very drawn to the smokiness; perhaps due to the memory of smelling my fathers fireman gear growing up. However, this “campfire tea” has a dusty boldness that makes it the perfect afternoon tea. Also, I highly recommend snacking on some cheese… as a general life style choice but particularly while enjoying this tea.” . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang

The Professional Tea Tasting Set – Complete Instructions and Tips on how to “cup” tea like a pro!

A good Tea Tasting Set is essential for professional buyers or for the tea lover who wants to take their connoisseurship to the next level. Discover tips and tricks for how the industry “cups” and evaluates teas … and why the added convenience of a Tasting Set may help your business. . . . → Read More: The Professional Tea Tasting Set – Complete Instructions and Tips on how to “cup” tea like a pro!