Darjeeling: Champagne of Teas

We here at Octavia Tea will be toasting the new royal couple with our Darjeeling Reserve. Known as “the champagne of teas,” Darjeeling is a world-famous tea growing region that produces teas with a unique & sought-after flavor. Our Darjeeling Reserve is from the Okayti tea garden – the same garden where Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite tea is from! So you may not get an invite to Buckingham Palace for the royal wedding, but you can at least sip the tea. . . . → Read More: Darjeeling: Champagne of Teas

Employee Selections: Smell the Roses

Rose Oolong always caught my eye but I was always replaying in my head “What if it just tastes dirty?!”. Boy was I wrong! After steeping my tea, the pleasant scent of rose pulls me in. Once the first sip, reaches my tongue, I’m instantly taken to a rose garden in spring. Smooth, balanced flavors make this a delightful cup. According to a press release by Whole Food’s team of global buyers, floral flavors are a trend for 2018. I recommend giving this a try! . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Smell the Roses