Darjeeling: Champagne of Teas

We here at Octavia Tea will be toasting the new royal couple with our Darjeeling Reserve. Known as “the champagne of teas,” Darjeeling is a world-famous tea growing region that produces teas with a unique & sought-after flavor. Our Darjeeling Reserve is from the Okayti tea garden – the same garden where Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite tea is from! So you may not get an invite to Buckingham Palace for the royal wedding, but you can at least sip the tea.

Darjeeling is a legendary tea-growing appellation made up of dozens of pristine, high-elevation tea estates nestled on the steep Himalayan slopes of northeastern India. Darjeeling produces exclusive teas with bright muscatel and delicate floral characteristics not found in teas grown anywhere else in the world. From the early summer harvest, this prestigious 2nd flush micro-lot comes from a garden that is a favorite of British royalty and offers radiant notes of Muscat wine, unsweetened cocoa, peach, orange blossom, and cedar.

Octavia Tea’s Darjeeling Reserve is an organic black tea. Ways to enjoy & purchase Darjeeling Reserve tea are in a sample size (two to six servings), our signature silver tin, or bulk by the pound. Click here to learn more.

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