Introducing our New Packaging!

Front and Back of TinWe are excited to introduce our new packaging, which is more colorful and beautiful than ever! Although the overall feel is the same, each tin features an enhanced logo, drawing and description. Also, a photograph of the actual tea appears on the back, so customers can see what’s inside before they buy and an extra interior foil bag keeps the tea super fresh and greatly improves each tea’s shelf life.

The packaging size of our new tin is slightly smaller, to keep in line with the size of containers of our competitors and allow us to offer better prices.

Over the past few years, many of our freight importing costs and overall tea costs have gone up substantially, while the value of the dollar has fluctuated. We have been fighting price increases and haven’t raised our prices in about 4 years. Rather than raise the prices, we decided to go with slightly smaller containers, which are more in keeping with the packaging size of other gourmet teas on the market. Some of the tea prices have actually gone down in the new containers (especially some of the heavier, more expensive teas), many prices have stayed the same, and a few have gone up slightly to counter our increased expenses. As always, we do our best to offer you our lowest, most competitive prices.

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: Please be sure to check the current price before ordering so you can adjust your prices accordingly.

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