Name Changes (don’t worry, we still have your tea!)

To visually suit the new packaging and help promote our teas, we changed several of the names. If you don’t see your favorite tea listed, most likely, it is just under a different name. Here is a key below:

Winter Mint changed to Chocolate Mint
Paradise changed to Passion Fruit
Amber Dragon is temporarily replaced by Apricot Oolong (see notes below)*
Genmaicha changed to Japanese Genmaicha
Lemon & Honey changed to Lemon Green
Serene Green changed to Moroccan Mint
Hojicha changed to Roasted Hojicha
Sugar Plum Berry changed to Cinnamon Plum
Sunrise changed to Citrus Breakfast
Rooibos & Roses changed to African Rose
Sweet Lemon Mate changed to Amazon Lemon

We have only discontinued 2 teas: Goji Berry and Gingerbread Chai. We have also added several new teas.

Due to sourcing difficulties, we have temporarily replaced the Amber Dragon with Apricot Oolong. We absolutely love this new replacement (in fact, the Apricot Oolong is one of my favorites!), but we still miss the original Amber Dragon and are working with the garden to produce a larger quantity next year. We hope to carry both the Amber Dragon and Apricot Oolong in the future.

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