Employee Selections: A Jasmine Love Affair

We polled some members of the Octavia Tea family to see what their favorite teas are. Our hard working staff drinks tea all day long, so they’re sure to have some great opinions!

has been part of the Octavia Tea family since July

“Our Jasmine Pearl has to be one of the best teas I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The fragrance alone is enough to intoxicate the senses. Plus the process of making Jasmine Pearl is a beautiful love story. Jasmine flowers only bloom in the evening and are collected and folded in with the green tea leaves. After the tea has taken on the fragrance of the Jasmine, it is separated out and the tea leaves are hand rolled into tiny balls. These precious ‘pearls’ are then ready to blossom in your cup. Jasmine has the ability to spark romance and I am speaking from experience because I really love this tea!”

From our website:
Truly exquisite and worth every penny! One of the world’s finest delicacies and most prized teas, Jasmine Pearl is lavishly infused with the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine and hand-rolled into pearls that bloom in your cup.

After harvesting, the tealeaves are layered with jasmine flowers, which bloom in the cool night air. Although the jasmine flowers are removed from the final product, the sweet, soothing scent remains—captured by the leaves themselves. More than 10 pounds of fresh jasmine flowers are used to scent each pound of dried Jasmine Pearl, and it takes nearly 1,000 hand-plucked tealeaves to fill a single tin. The fragrance of fresh jasmine fills the room as you brew this world-class tea, and the flavor is smooth, refreshing and absolutely exquisite. Jasmine tea is said to ease anxiety and promote well-being.

Although we work with sources and gardens that offer less expensive grades of Jasmine Pearl (and you may see many out there on the market), we have chosen to forgo these lesser grades because none of them compare to the quality, appearance, fragrance and flavor of the grade we offer here. This tea is the absolute best Jasmine Pearl on the market and we are very proud to offer it to you!

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