Employee Selections: La vie en rose

We polled some members of the Octavia Tea family to see what their favorite teas are. Our hard working staff drinks tea all day long, so they’re sure to have some great opinions!

Shauna drinking tea in garden

Shauna has been part of the Octavia Tea family since November:

“My favorite would have to be French Breakfast. It is a very strong, smooth black tea, and I very much enjoy the touch of vanilla and especially the rose petals. What better way to wake up in the morning than with rose petals and imagining I am in a French cafe?! This is my go-to tea, and sometimes I add a little milk and sugar, too. The first time I had it was on a rainy afternoon, and found it to be very comforting. Like chocolate, a cup of this tea has never let me down!”

For more information or to purchase French Breakfast, please visit www.OctaviaTea.com.

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