Rio & Yerba Maté

2016 Olympic torch with kinetic sculpture

So, the 2016 Olympic Games are on.  How inspiring to see all the athletes and all their hard work come to fruition.  What sacrifices they and their families and coaches have made definitely leaves an impression.  All the competitors, medalists or not, are inspiring to watch and learn about.

In thinking about Brazil, as a tea company, we instantly think of maté.  Native to South America, yerba maté comes from the maté plant belonging to the holly family.  This is separate from the traditional camellia sinensis plant that most teas belong to.  Yerba maté leaves are dried and steeped to create the popular herbal drink.  It has a robust yet smooth, earthy flavor and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance energy, improve mood and aid weight-loss.  It contains caffeine, but without the acidity and stomach effects that coffee holds.

Considered the drink of friendship, maté is traditionally prepared in a hollow gourd, sipped through a silver straw and passed in a circle from person to person.

We have three matés here at Octavia Tea – our traditional Yerba Maté, Rainforest Mint, and Spiced Chai Maté.  Also worth mentioning is our Açai Berry, a white tea, which highlights the Brazilian superfruit, açai.  This sweet berry is rich in anti-oxidants and is found to be great for the skin and digestion.

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