Tea — An Ally in the Fight Against Cancer

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Tea has long been touted as having many benefits to our health from detoxing our bodies to promoting increased metabolism. While the history of tea is steeped in age-old tradition spanning every continent and culture. the full potential of the health benefits of tea still remains largely unexplored.

World Tea News recently featured an article about a young woman by the name of Maria Uspenski, a Boulder CO tea merchant whom wrote a book about her struggles in her fight against cancer.

In her book, Cancer Hates Tea, Maria explores many of the observable benefits of tea and lays a solid foundation on how she was able to be recover from her disease by optimizing her diet and immune system utilizing tea.

She discusses in detail the specific health benefits of various types of tea, she guides her audience through her journey with cancer, and she offers us a map of her daily regimen on her road to better health. For more information on her book, please visit the original link: Battling Cancer with Tea.

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Uspenski notes that tea is in no way intended as a treatment for cancer; the effects of tea on cancer is not well-understood. What we do know is that different teas contain different essential nutrients that promote and maintain healthy organs and bodily systems and thus can be utilized to combat many different ailments.

“The nature of the association that comes up repeatedly in epidemiological studies between tea drinking and anticancer benefits is not clear, she said, and “although human cancer prevention trials with green tea polyphenol preparations have shown promising results, further intervention trials are needed to conclusively demonstrate the cancer-preventive activities of tea.”"(continue reading from site)

We’re thankful that Maria is well, and we love learning about and sharing new developments regarding tea and health. The documentation that she has contributed will certainly become an invaluable resource for our future understanding of the effects of tea on diseases.

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