Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang

“I always panic when someone asks me what my favorite tea is because it changes so frequently! However, I’m currently obsessed with our Lapsang Souchong. I’m very drawn to the smokiness; perhaps due to the memory of smelling my fathers fireman gear growing up. However, this “campfire tea” has a dusty boldness that makes it the perfect afternoon tea. Also, I highly recommend snacking on some cheese… as a general life style choice but particularly while enjoying this tea.” . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Love of Lapsang

Employee Selections: Founder’s Favorite

Elizabeth Elizabeth is the founder and owner of Octavia Tea

“A few years ago, we received a package in the mail from a small tea garden in China containing about 20 samples of various dancong teas. The first sample I tasted (which happened to be what we now call our Phoenix Mountain Dancong) blew me away! It’s difficult to find and source high quality tea, and it’s even more rare for such an exceptional tea to find us! Also in the package was a sample of an incredibly complex, award-winning tea that tasted like flowers (and was priced at over $1000.00 per pound!) as well as a sample of what is now our fragrant, Eight Immortals tea – with notes of orange-flower-honey and warm cinnamon. We loved them all and it was difficult for us to pick only two.

Dancong teas (pronounced “dan-tsong”) come from hundred-year-old, wild-grown tea trees from the Phoenix mountain region in China’s Guangdong province. The wild and untamed Shui Xian tea trees on the rocky face of the mountain are up to 500 years old. . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: Founder’s Favorite

Employee Selections: A Jasmine Love Affair

We polled some members of the Octavia Tea family to see what their favorite teas are. Our hard working staff drinks tea all day long, so they’re sure to have some great opinions! Brea has been part of the Octavia Tea family since July

“Our Jasmine Pearl has to be one of the best teas I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The fragrance alone is enough to intoxicate the senses. Plus the process of making Jasmine Pearl is a beautiful love story. Jasmine flowers only bloom in the evening and are collected and folded in with the green tea leaves. After the tea has taken on the fragrance of the Jasmine, it is separated out and the tea leaves are hand rolled into tiny balls. These precious ‘pearls’ are then ready to blossom in your cup. Jasmine has the ability to spark romance and I am speaking from experience because I really love this tea!” . . . → Read More: Employee Selections: A Jasmine Love Affair