100% caffeine-free, organic herbal tea/rooibos (tin)

Reminiscent of a vanilla chiffon cake with fresh berries and whipped cream, this decadent (but calorie-free!) dessert tea has a complex array of rich, tart, sweet and fruity flavors. The taste of garden-fresh berries is entwined with the richness of butter cream frosting in this divinely sweet, guilt-free indulgence. Rooibos contains exceptionally high levels of antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

Old name was Berries & Cream.

NET WT (per tin): 2.12 oz (60 g)


100% caffeine-free, organic herbal tea/rooibos (tin)

  • Organic rooibos
  • Organic hibiscus
  • Organic blueberries
  • Organic apple
  • Organic cocoa nibs
  • Natural vanilla & strawberry flavor

This tea is USDA Certified Organic.


100% caffeine-free, organic herbal tea/rooibos (tin)

Rooibos, the base herb used in this blend, originates in the Western Cape region of South Africa.


Our elegant, embossed tin is designed to keep tea fresh and full of flavor.

Each tin of Berries & Cream holds approximately 36 teaspoons (12 tablespoons) of loose tea. The number of servings-per-tin varies depending upon the type of tea, leaf size, cup size and desired strength (amount of tea used).

The tin itself measures 6.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep.



  1. Wonderful substitute for my breakfast tea

    Posted by L. Maser on 9th Jan 2017

    Since having to go caffeine free, I was desperate to find an herbal blend that would substitute for my morning tea. After trying samples of several of the other roiboos blends (all of which are very good on their own, but not quite what I was looking for), I came across Berries & Cream, and it is simply excellent! I drink it with a bit of raw honey and almondmilk, and it's close enough to my beloved French Breakfast in taste and body to satisfy my desire for a warm morning beverage. If you're looking to make the jump to caffeine free, I recommend trying this blend as a substitute for your breakfast teas.

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