black tea (bulk)

Overlooking a tropical rainforest on the island of Sri Lanka (which is referred to by its colonial name “Ceylon” in tea circles), the New Vithanakande tea factory has earned an “A” rating by the Ethical Tea Partnership of the UK for its collaboration with small tea holders and village farmers in the lowlands.

Using an extremely fine sorting process to seek out the highest quality leaf, this “extra special” grade boasts a beautiful appearance with abundant golden tips. This bright, copper-colored cup has a full-bodied mouthfeel, a lively, caramelized-honey fragrance and deep, malty and complex notes of dry dark chocolate, chestnuts, wood, spice and a hint of ripe fruit.

NET WT (per bag): One Pound (16 oz; 453.59 g)


black tea (bulk)

  • Black tea

This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients.


black tea (bulk)

Sri Lanka


Teas purchased in bulk by-the-pound quantities are packaged in a heat-sealed foil bag with a re-sealable zip lock. These sturdy, foil bags protect the tea's freshness and flavor.

Orders for multiple pounds of the same type of tea may be packaged together in a single foil bag. Orders exceeding 10 lbs of the same type of tea may be packaged in plastic barrel liners.

If you are ordering multiple pounds of the same tea and need them packaged in individual one-pound bags, please note this in the “Order Instructions” section during check out. Be advised that this type of packaging may not be possible for certain discounted orders over 10 lbs of a single tea.



  1. A fantastic Ceylon black!

    Posted by C B on 14th May 2020

    The leaves don't really look like the photo - mine are much shorter and no gold... I'm not one for Ceylon, but his one is robust and full of flavor (what I don't usually expect from Ceylon). It's almost like an Assam in flavor profile. Strong, brassy, malty. The second steep is brisk. I'm glad I only used one teaspoon. Flavors of bread turn into thick rye bread when cooled, maybe a bit of red wine with a hint of dried hay. Definitely a Ceylon black I really like!
    Steep #1 // 1 heaping teaspoon for full mug // 15 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
    Steep #2 // 3 minutes after boiling // 3 1/2 min

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