black tea (tin)

Revel in the rich, floral duet of fragrant lavender flowers and bright, bold Assam tea. Black tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties while lavender contains powerful plant-phytonutrients that may help decrease the body’s level of stress hormones and act as a mild sedative and muscle relaxer. Lavender is used in herbalism and natural medicine for anxiety, depression, intestinal bloating, nerve and joint pain.

NET WT (per tin): 1.46 oz (41 g)


black tea (tin)

  • Black tea
  • Lavender

This tea is made from 100% natural ingredients.


black tea (tin)

The black tea is from Assam, India. The lavender is from the Pacific Northwest, USA.


Our elegant, embossed tin is designed to keep tea fresh and full of flavor.

Each tin holds approximately 36 teaspoons (12 tablespoons) of loose tea. The number of servings-per-tin varies depending upon the type of tea, leaf size, cup size and desired strength (amount of tea used).

The tin itself measures 6.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep.



  1. The perfect STRONG lavender assam!

    Posted by C B on 7th Jul 2019

    I love a good lavender tea and this is certainly LAVENDER. I'm loving that the strength of the lavender is matched with the strength of the black tea. I think the lavender flavor is from the flowers included in the blend, but also might be some sort of flavoring? It's just so strong for having maybe fifteen to twenty pieces of lavender in the serving. The assam is tasty, malty and brisk, but a little difficult to taste under the lavender. But I can tell the assam is high quality - very long completely black leaves. I don't think I've ever seen a traditional assam from India with leaves this long. However, the photo for the tea shows some golden leaves and I definitely don't have any gold leaves in my sample. Both steeps taste exactly the same. I always appreciate finding the perfect parameters for resteeps. Strong but not bitey on either steep - peppery! I love that the flavor is perfect for warmer months, but I love the black tea base when I want something strong. Dainty and tough. It's also a very tasty flavor combination with fig cookies. A lavender black tea is essential for my cupboard and this one is great.
    Steep #1 // 1 1/2 teaspoons for a full mug // 22 minutes after boiling // 3 minute steep
    Steep #2 // just boiled // 4 1/2 minute steep

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