Collection of Gourmet Tea Samples

The Mood Lifting Teas Sampler Set includes 5 gourmet tea samples:

  • Ginger Peach (organic white tea)
  • Hot Cinnamon Spice (organic green tea)
  • Phoenix Mountain Dancong (oolong tea)
  • Silver Needle (organic white tea)
  • Zen Super Green (organic green tea)

Each Sampler Set contains approximately 20 total servings. Brewing instructions are included.


Collection of Gourmet Tea Samples

GINGER PEACH: Transport yourself to a fragrant orchard in mid-summer with this mouth-watering blend of peaches, ginger and rare white tea. White tea has a delicate, honey-like flavor and high levels of theanine, which may help lift mood and aid relaxation.

HOT CINNAMON SPICE: Reminiscent of the cinnamon-sugar-crumb topping on muffins and pies, this sugar-free, calorie-free infusion is naturally sweetened to perfection with layers of fragrant cinnamon, cracked clove & pink peppercorn berries.

PHOENIX MOUNTAIN DANCONG: Dancong teas are harvested from hundred-year-old trees grown at high elevation in mineral-rich, volcanic soil. Enjoy this award-winning tea’s aromas of dark honey followed by a hauntingly opulent finish.

SILVER NEEDLE: Hand-picked only a few days each year, Silver Needle is the highest grade of white tea and one of the rarest teas in the world. Silver Needle is rich in theanine, which may help lift mood and aid relaxation.

ZEN SUPER GREEN: A blend of premium Sencha and Matcha (stone-ground tea-powder), this tea contains an exceptionally high concentration of the amino acid theanine, which is known for its ability to calm the mind, promote mental clarity & act as a natural anti-depressant.


Presented in a clear gift box with a silver bow, Sampler Sets contain 5 assorted tea samples. Each individual sample is packaged in a protective foil bag that contains approximately 6 teaspoons (2 tablespoons) of loose leaf tea. A single sample brews between 2-6 eight-ounce cups, depending on desired strength, yielding an average of 20 servings per 5-sample set.

Sampler sets measure 12 inches wide, 5 inches tall and .75 inch deep.



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