Washi Tea Tin
sharkskin - black & white (XL)

Bring the elegance of the Japanese tea ceremony to your everyday routine. Wrapped in handcrafted, Japanese washi paper, these elegant metal canisters provide the perfect storage conditions for your fine teas. The tin measures 8 x 4 inches and holds approximately a half pound - one pound+ of tea (the exact volume depends on the density of each specific tea). An inner lid ensures airtight storage. Ideal for storing your favorite bulk teas. Also great for wholesale customers storing tea behind the bar at restaurants and cafés.

ABOUT THIS PATTERN: “Same Komon” (which means shark pattern) is an overlapping, fan-shaped pattern featuring fine, shark’s skin-like dots. This pattern is one of the oldest komon patterns, and is believed to protect against evil or illness. Traditionally, a new bride would bring a same-komon patterned kimono with her as a good luck omen for her new life. This pattern was also used for formal samurai clothing during the Edo period in feudal Japan.


Washi Tea Tin
sharkskin - black & white (XL)

Size: approximately 8 x 4 inches
Capacity: around 8-16+ oz of tea leaves, depending on the specific tea type/density (about 43 fluid ounces by volume)
Material: food grade, tin-plated steel and Japanese washi paper


Washi Tea Tin
sharkskin - black & white(XL)

  • Do not place in dishwasher, use in microwave, or get wet
  • We recommend wiping the interior clean with a dry cloth


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