Collection of Gourmet Tea Samples

The Winter Weather Teas Sampler Set includes 5 gourmet tea samples:

  • Berry Mocha Truffle (organic black tea)
  • Café Spice Chai (black tea)
  • French Breakfast (organic black tea)
  • Hot Cinnamon Spice (organic green tea)
  • Spiced Mint Cocoa (organic herbal tea)

Each Sampler Set contains approximately 20 total servings. Brewing instructions are included.


Collection of Gourmet Tea Samples

BERRY MOCHA TRUFFLE: This deep, velvety blend of black tea, cocoa and cream has a luscious raspberry finish that can compete with any dessert craving. This antioxidant-rich tea is an epicurean treat…without a single calorie in sight.

CAFÉ SPICE CHAI: Smooth, creamy and delightful. Cozy up with the warming flavors of crushed cinnamon, fragrant vanilla and a kiss of sultry ginger, cardamom and clove. Enjoy this fragrant blend as a plain sipping tea or brew it strong and add a touch of milk & honey.

FRENCH BREAKFAST: Transport yourself to a sidewalk café in Paris. This luxurious, full-bodied cup blends a rich, classic black tea with just a touch of rose petals and decadent, creamy vanilla bean. An Octavia Tea favorite!

HOT CINNAMON SPICE: Reminiscent of the cinnamon-sugar-crumb topping on muffins and pies, this sugar-free, calorie-free infusion is naturally sweetened to perfection with layers of fragrant cinnamon, cracked clove & pink peppercorn berries.

SPICED MINT COCOA: This decadent herbal tea is a nod to the way hot chocolate was originally served centuries ago, with crushed cocoa beans and aromatic spices. This soothing, warming tea is calorie-free and caffeine-free.


Presented in a clear gift box with a silver bow, Sampler Sets contain 5 assorted tea samples. Each individual sample is packaged in a protective foil bag that contains approximately 6 teaspoons (2 tablespoons) of loose leaf tea. A single sample brews between 2-6 eight-ounce cups, depending on desired strength, yielding an average of 20 servings per 5-sample set.

Sampler sets measure 12 inches wide, 5 inches tall and .75 inch deep.



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