Octavia Tea is proud to support gardens that encourage the conservation of the environment through sustainable natural and organic farming methods.

Organic tea gardens protect the land, water and wildlife and emphasize the health and happiness of their employees and families.  Organic agriculture prevents toxic chemicals from entering the air, earth and water that sustains us.  Organic teas contain no artificial ingredients and are grown in pristine environments without chemicals:  no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides.  Based on a synergy with nature, organic farming fosters healthy soils, clean water and diverse, vibrant ecosystems.

In addition to protecting the environment, organic tea gardens protect the health and happiness of their employees.  Many tea farmers tell us that a big reason they switched to organic farming was for their health or the health of their children—none of us want our family to become the experimental subject of toxic pesticide exposure.  In fact, health statistics (measured by factors such as infant mortality rate) are better on organic tea gardens than among even the wealthiest segments of society.  Organic agriculture has also been a lifeline for small farms because it offers an alternative market where sellers can command fair prices for crops. 

The benefits of organic may also extend to you.  Studies suggest that because organic foods come from fertile, biologically active soil, they may contain more nutrients and antioxidants than foods grown with synthetic fertilizers.  Organic foods follow a higher number of quality and safety regulations, are free from pesticide residue, contain no artificial ingredients and have even scored higher in taste tests.

Octavia Tea's commitment to organic ensures that your tea is as pure and natural as possible.  Nearly all of our teas are either Certified Organic or made with organic ingredients. 


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