Our collection of traditional teas allows you to experience the classic, world-renown teas from each tea-producing region.

With a few exceptions, most of the teas in this category contain only a single ingredient:  tea.  However, each tea is exceptionally unique, and their flavors and styles vary dramatically according to the tea plant varietal, country of origin, season of harvest, climate, soil, elevation, at what time of day and how it is picked, processing, degree of oxidation.  As with fine wine, tea experts can often determine the type of tea, country of origin and, often, the time of year a tea was produced just by its appearance and taste.  Our traditional teas are considered Estate Teas because each is unique to a single garden that is famed for that specific type of tea.

Some of the teas in our traditional collection do contain additional ingredients, however, they are considered classic blends.  For example, our Grand Earl Grey blends black tea with essential oil of bergamot and our jasmine teas are made with green tea and fresh jasmine flowers.  Earl Grey is one of the most popular teas in Europe and America, and jasmine tea is a staple throughout Asia.


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